The Town of Grantwood Village, Missouri: The Story of a Historic City is the work of Grantwood residents Katy A. Forand and Kevin G. Bley.  After purchasing and rehabbing an 85 year old home in Old Grantwood, Kevin
become interested not only in the history of his home, but of the area surrounding it. As a lifelong resident of Forest Haven, Katy grew up with an appreciation of the historical connections between the Village and several famous individuals.  Together, and 144 pages later, they captured not only the history of neighbors and homes, but of every asset and historic aspect of Grantwood Village.

Using numerous maps, pictures, letters, newspaper articles
and artifacts, The Story of a Historic City provides a detailed history of Grant’s Farm, the Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site or White Haven, the building home to Sam’s Steakhouse and the development of Old Grantwood and Forest Haven.

Readers can see pictures of Grant’s Farm from the
early 20th century, learn of the many scientific and farming advances made at the
Farm during this time, and get a glimpse inside the “The Big House.”  Also featured is a detailed history of the famous restaurants preceding Sam’s Steakhouse, including Munzert’s, Slay’s and Grantwood Steak and Seafood.  The Story of a Historic City also answers many questions residents of Grantwood have asked through the years; why do Forest Haven West streets not connect to Forest Haven within the Village, are we a Village or a Town, how did Grant’s Farm become part of Grantwood? 

Did you know Grantwood once had its own police department?  Featured prominently in the book, the Village’s own department and the relationship between Grantwood and the St. Louis County Police, the oldest partnership in St. Louis County, is explained.  Did you know Trustee meetings used to be held at residents’ homes and even in the basement of Slay’s Restaurant?  The full history of meeting locations and the Villages decade long quest for its own Town Hall is covered.

Offered by the not-for-profit Grantwood Village Preservation Society for $45, any proceeds from the 144 page (48 in full color) hardback book go directly into the community we love.

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